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How Google See Your Social Media Connections ?

Just learn this from browsing my circle updates in Google+. Did you know that Google knows how you are connected to different social media sites ? Just go to this link : >>> link <<<  and enter your Gmail address. The link will lead you to the list of social media connections. As well as the links that are connected to your contacts.

The link will give the following details :

This could be good for branding and promoting our blogs on our Google profile. So if you have not yet updated your profile this might be a good chance to promote your blog.

But BEWARE, this could also affect your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign. In my opinion since Google will know all of your blogs that will be connected in your profile, they might discredit the interlinking of this blogs and could results decrease in authority. On the other hand this could also be an added link to your blogs and could certify that your blog is not a spam. 

But of course if you are not gaming the results of Search Engine, you don’t have to be afraid.

I would suggest to link your Main Blog as well as your main social media account to Google Profile. ( I know there are some blogger who have spam blogs interlinking with each other, just to increase the external Link ).

Not all of my contact have their Google Profile updated.

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