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SearchWiki: Making Search Results The Way You Want It

I was not able to do some post lately because I am really buried with lots of work. And today I can spare some time doing some post and here it is.

While I am doing some check up on my keywords results, while I am logged on to G-mail, I have noticed that there are some changes in the search results. I saw arrows and Cross Mark  in the results. Well I did some investigation and I found out that this is the latest feature of Google Search , which they called it Search Wiki .

Some says that this is Good bye to page rank and Alexa Rank since that there is possibility that this will be one of the basis for Google Algorithm. Well I think it is possible since why would Google do this if they don’t have intention to incorporate it on the Search Results.

But I think I would like to warn SEO players or I may say keyword hijackers that it is not yet the right time to boost all your keyword searches at the first page of the SERP and not doing it to the others. Since It will just give an indication to Google that you are a SEO Practitioner and you are spamming the Search Wiki and this is also what Patrick think. We have to wait on what Matt Cutts will comment in this New Google feature.  { I hope He will post about it soon }

Well today I test it by making my site and other site linking to me on the first page. At least by doing this I am not being a spammer since other site was also voted to the first page. Well this are all Google new innovation. And I think if it will not have a good outcome from the user it will just stop.

So we have to wait and see if there will be changes in the SERP 🙂

You can check this one also :

So Happy Browsing.

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