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Youtube Will Soon Be a PayPerView (PPV) Service

Yup You heard it right, I saw it from CNET , below comment is an extract from Cnet’s interview with Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt.

“With respect to how it’ll get monetized, our first priority is on the advertising side. We do expect over time to see micropayments and other forms of subscription models coming as well,” said Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt after the company reported first-quarter profits Thursday. “We’ll be announcing additional things in that area literally very, very soon.”

Schmidt’s statement came after Google is signing a partnership to show Sony Pictures’ full-length movies and build a section of YouTube devoted to professionally made content.

It is not clear if they will plan to implement it with Sony content or to all content. When it happen there will be lots of internet user that will be affected since most of the internet user wants freebie. But on the hand if Youtube will not think of something good to monetize the side it will soon diminish because of the cost to maintain the site.

So would you still use Youtube if it will ask you to pay ?

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