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Blogging Idol 2 is now Accepting Applicants

If you remember last time I joined Blogging Idol 1, it is a contest of having a highest RSS Subscriber for a given period now, and Now Daily is making another Blogging Idol 2 contest which will now be based on Adsense Earnings. Competitors will need to create a brand new website for the competition, and they will have 6 weeks to make as much money as possible using Google AdSense. Every competitor will obviously keep the money he will make during this period, but the person with the highest profit figure will also win prizes worth over $4000 ($1000 of which in pure cash)!. which I believe is great. Here are some of my suggestion so that this can be track properly .

  1. Since Adsense Earnings can be shown in Channel and Daniel Scocco of want to use this to track the earnings, I would suggest that a Back up data coming from Google Analytics will be a great Idea. Participant should give Daniel an Access to Google Analytics.
  2. Daily Blog Tips Should be clear if the scraper is allowed to join this contest. ( Or else we can see lots of participants just pulling contents from other sites ) although it is bad for SEO in the long run but not in a short span of time. Because Google may see it in the early stage of the blog.

Well this are just some points that I would like to suggest to Daily Blog Tips. ( I Will Update this post if I think of something Else ). But for the meantime you can send your Entry thru their Contact Form .

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