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How to Check OAV List | Overseas Absentee Voting List

Thanks to Comelec I am now sure that I am eligible to vote on the Philippine 2010 May Election , Thru their Search and Find function in their website an OFW will be able to Check OAV List | Overseas Absentee Voting List and confirm if he is registered on that place.

Comelec Link : Look for your name you just have to prefer your full name and birth date and the information will be provide to you like this.

So now I am sure that when I go to the embassy I can exercise my right to vote and give my 1 vote to the president of my choice. You just have to refresh the site since sometime it is showing a java error or a bug in the program. I believe they can still increase the efficiency usefulness of COMELEC site by hiring programmers or Website Professional to maintain the site.

So what are you waiting for, Find Your name if you are an OFW 🙂

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