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Sharing SEO Highlights in 2011 by Internet Marketing Inc.

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I would like to share a very good SEO analysis post made by Benj Arriola in their blog Internet Marketing inc. He have mentioned the different highlights of SEO that happened last year and I believed it is worth reading the article. Most of them will definitely have an impact to year 2012.

Here are the 11 SEO highlights that was mentioned on the post. You may see the link to the post at the bottom of the page.

  1. Ranking Penalty Due to Aggressive SEO (JCP & Overstock)

  2. Poor Quality Content Penalty: Google’s Series of Panda (Farmer) Updates

  3. Google +1 Button

  4. Google+, Google takes a shot with Social Media

  5. the Rich Snippets Guide

  6. Google Sitelinks on Steroids

  7. Rel = Prev and Rel = Next Pagination Tags

  8. Rel = Alternate Tag Specificity

  9. Keyword Data Encryption – Data Not Provided

  10. Freshness Update

  11. Last Month Algorithm Changes

Among the 11 items in the list, I was not able to do the, I still need to do some research about that topic. I was also penalized by Panda, and this blog lost almost half of the search engine visitor. I am still struggling on Google+, my visitors seldom shares at their Google+ page, or most of my visitor does not have Google+.

Good and great post will always secure your ranking in the future. Engaging in Black Hat will not secure your SEO effort in the future. You will always have doubt and stress. But I would like to emphasize that Black Hat is different than Automation. Just my belief.

I could say that, I was not able to do something on most of the changes as mentioned above. It only means that I do need to do more research about SEO this 2012. I always remember a saying that “SUCCESS is the greatest enemy of Learning” the moment you meet your success you stop learning, and this is what happen to me last year. I do hope it will not happen this 2012. It should be “Success comes with great responsibility and Continues learning is a must in order to be successful ”. Success will also mean more money online as well as more friends online.

I need to share more about Tech at Hand Dot Net SEO Tips this year 2012.

Here is the Link to the post : 11 SEO Highlights of 2011

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