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Commonly Used Alt Keys in Microsoft Excel

Commonly Used Alt Keys (Shortcut) in Microsoft ExcelOften times, we are encountering unusual codes that we want to insert in the Microsoft excel documents such us degrees character, diameter symbols for mathematical calculation , exponents , fractional numbers and more. This post could help you on how to use alt key codes in your Microsoft excel worksheet.

Below are some useful Alt Keys Shortcut Codes that could be used in Microsoft Excel , This is usually used to insert symbols and  characters in your files or excel documents.

Instruction : You have to press Alt key while pressing the numbers.

Alt Keys Results Remarks
Alt+0177 ± Mathematical Sign
Alt+0178 ² Squared
Alt+0179 ³ Cubic
Alt+0216 Ø Diameter
Alt+0186 º Degrees
Alt+0187 » Arrow
Alt+0188 ¼ One Fourth
Alt+0189 ½ Obe Half
Alt+0190 ¾ Three Fourth
Above Alt keys shortcut codes are very helpful if you are working with forms in Microsoft Excel. There is another way of locating this symbols by going to Character Map.
Start » Programs » Accessories » System Tool » Character Map
In Character map it will help you with hundreds of symbol you want put in your work. If you like this post you may want to visit the archives about .
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