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GSMA 2009 : Vodafone confirms NZ release for “G2” Android phone

New Zealand HTC’s  Android G2-powered Magic is now revealed in Barcelona. It is Officially known as the “Magic”, but popularly known as the G2, It has an iPhone style design.

The Magic is the world’s second Google phone which will be initially be released for Vodafone’s networks in Spain, Germany and France, plus multiple carries in Italy.

The G2, or Magic, features a slimmer design and have (3.2mP) resolution camera.

The Magic have A new firmware update to Google’s Android operating system, named “cupcake”.

It is supported for Google apps from Gmail to YouTube. The Magic also have GPS and wi-fi . The New Google Phone looks cool. I just hope this phone will serve it’s purpose. What I love from the feature is it’s You tube capability since I am having hard time to access it with my Mobile. it loads slow.

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