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Nokia OVI Store Review and Experience

Last February Nokia OVI Store was launched at CES,  I even blog about it on that time, and now I would like to share my experience with Nokia OVI Store program after upgrading my Nokia E71 Firmware.

Nokia OVI Store program has been pre installed in my Nokia E71 E  Series Phone  after the upgrade. You can also download the program using direct download from their site [ ] , The downloaded program will try to install an application that could directly connect your Phone  to Nokia OVI Store when you want. You just have to enroll in Nokia OVI Store in order for you to use their system.

So Here is my Experience.

Over All experience is great , I was able to install News Application like Guardian News and an RSS reader as my Screen Saver. The download is fast and no problem at all. I am using 512 KB connection an that time.  What I like form their interface is you could be able to sort or show only the free application , games or video. And you could even use the search function in order for you to get the Nokia Application that you like.

Not all program are updated on it’s latest version. I had an experience of downloading a program and after testing it , They aske for an updated and after updating it ruins my set up 🙂 , So if this happen to you , Don’t Panic. Just Un-Install the last application program that you have installed. You can use either PC suite or via your phone navigation if you could still navigate your phone .  I hope you found my Nokia OVI Store Review worth reading.

Lots of aplication is paid and I think there are lots of great application that could be use in your blogging career, that is if you want to invest in your blogging. For me I go for the freebie. 🙂

So have you use the Nokia OVI Store or did you know that there is a program where you could download legal application for your Nokia N Series or E Series Phone ?

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