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I Got My First Kontera Payment Thru PayPal

I have not blog about this but It is better late than never. Last December 3, I received my first ever Kontera Payment. I made post last February that I am now testing In-Text Advertising with Kontera ContentLink! . What I did was just install the codes and do nothing about it. I just continue doing post as usual and doing some optimization. and That’s it. I installed Kontera with my other blogs as well.

I only earn from kontera after 10 month of my first installation of their codes. I think Kontera Favors some specific niche and there are some Filipino Bloggers earning from it. One of an example is who even becomes Blogger of the month of Kontera. Other blogger is Marhgil.

This blogs earns more from Adsense where I also share it before, from my post about an Adsense story to share. I will not still remove kontera from my blog since this last months I saw an increase from my daily income. So I think it will not take me another 10 months ( 303 days )  to get the other $100 to my PayPal .

I got an average $ 0.30 a day in Kontera not bad for just putting your codes and leaving it there and become one of my passive income source. { Those are income wherein even offline you can earn from it }

If you want to be invited you can just comment below that you want to join this program so I can send you the request to join although you can go directly to the site and ask for a new account.If you will enroll under my request I will also earn from it provided you will become an Active publishers. Active Publishers are publishers who reach 50,000 impressions within 60 days of signing up to Kontera’s network.

So wish me luck.. So do I miss anybody who’s earning great from Kontera. let me know your story. Maybe I miss it from the tons of my RSS Feeds 🙂

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