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Make Money Online Via HashOcean.com (Bitcoin Mining)

Lazada Philippines
Mar 5, 2016 by     No Comments    Posted under: Money Matters

Did you know that you can earn Passive income with BitCoin Mining, The only difference for this kind of investment is you have to invest with the BitCoin mining equipment. I am invested with HashOcean.com and I can attest that up until last night they are paying. I have invested an amount of $200 to buy the 700 KH/s power from HashOCean and in return, I am getting approximately Php 100 everyday (Including Saturday and Sunday). The approximate return of investment is 3 months, which also depends on the cost of BitCoin. If Bitcoin conversation to Php is high then it is possible to get my investment after 2 months.

In every Investment there is Risk, But I choose to take the risk for a possible reward. Anyway, my risk dimminish every day since I am getting Php 100 everyday.hash ocean

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