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$100 laptop in US a Deskstop for Filipinos

I have seen a News that the Computer enthusiasts in the developed world will soon be able to get their hands on the so-called “$100 laptop”. Because It will be offered in public thru G1G1 scheme in Two Weeks time starting 12 November.

The organization behind the project launched the “give one, get one” ( G1G1 ) scheme that will allow US residents to purchase two laptops for $399 (£198).

If US can do this in support to the Third World Country I just hope that Philippines Government can make a scheme like this wherein those ” can afford “ family could buy one for their use and there will be a free Celeron Computer that could be given away to deserving students in public school.

This is good idea for Businessman in Philippines to build a deskstop and make the slogan ” Buy a Computer for a Cause “. Isn’t it great ?  You will have your computer, at the same time you are helping does deserving student who can’t even afford to buy mobile phone for their use.

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