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Accenture Manila Mass Lay Off , About 500 ?

I just learn from that Accenture Manila Solutions Division is having a Mass Lay off., . It is a company in Philippines known company that provides  Technology & Outsourcing thru Management Consulting. They also run a Call Center Business.

Unofficial count based on Yuga’s post is 500. Additional research from the web reveals the official statement by the company

In a statement sent to, the company said it is implementing a redundancy program "to balance the skills of its workforce against the demand from its clients".

This affects approximately three percent of its total workforce in the Philippines or approximately 500 out of a total headcount of more than 16,000 employees.

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This is not good since there will be lots of professionals that will loss their job. Other country is also experiencing recession so it is also hard to get work from other country. Lycos was also reported to stop their free e-mail since it is not giving them revenue. So what is next.

You might see some advertisement that their company is hiring don’t be alarm since their Accenture Call Center Division is still doing great. And it is only the Accenture Solutions Division which are affected.

So what if those included in the layoff will not have work for about 2 to 3 months where will they get money to support their family, They better do something in order to cope up with the situation their severance pay will not last long for sure. They need to spend it wisely.

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