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Here comes iBlog 5

I thought there will be no iblog5 this year since it is now late march and I haven’t heard any about it,  until I found the news at the facebook. And of course I register myself and my wife to attend  a great event. Iblog4 was my first blog meet up and I learn a lot . Definitely I will come to that event since it falls during my vacation time. So I will make sure that me and my wife will attend the event.

I have seen a new set of speaker on this event and some of them is actually my online friends. and good to know that they are speaking in that event. Here is the tentative schedule of the event :

Morning session: (some can be sponsored talk)

Afternoon session:

7:00 pm onwards After-Event Party (sponsored)

See you all on May 9 for iBlog5

So to all speakers, Good luck and may you give inspiration to all new blogger. I know they will learn a lot from you guys. So if you want to meet me at that place just look at the picture below the post and save it 🙂 . And I know there will be new friends that will be there.

You may register here .

So to the first time attendee be sure to bring your calling card in order for you to be known. HHmmm I am thinking of buying a shirt with my site name on it :).

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