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Renew PRC License in One Day

After 6 years me and my wife finally decided to renew our PRC Engineering License . To those who follow this blog they knew that I am a Mechanical Engineer working as an OFW. At first We were hesitant to renew our license since We are afraid with the amount that We have to pay for not renewing for almost 6 years, and We thought We cannot get our PRC ID License before our vacation is over. But We were wrong.

It is good that I learn about the PRC Fast ID system where  Professionals can get their PRC ID with in the same day that they applied for it. We don’t have to issue a Power of Attorney to our representative to claim Our PRC ID. The catch is a we need to add Php 450 each applicant for  fast processing.

I hope the below mentioned information will help my fellow engineers to be able to renew their PRC license in just 1 day.

What are the Requirements for PRC Fast ID ?

So here are the requirements :

  1. Ballpen
  2. Money for paying your renewal fee + Php 450 for the process
  3. 1 ID picture for the file ( not for the ID , any picture will do ) , Your id picture will come from the Digital photo that PRC will conduct in 5th floor which is included in Php 450.
  4. Filled up Renewal Form
  5. Your Original Old License ( You also need this one to enter PRC premises )

Above mentioned items are needed for you to be able to renew your card.

How long it takes to have the whole process ?

Well it depends on the number of Professional renewing their ID on that day. For me, I applied at 11:00 and the process took about 30 minutes only but I have been informed that the card will be issued at 2:30 PM and as promised Me and my wife get our PRC ID at the time specified in the claim stub.

Where is PRC ( Philippine Regulation Commission ) Located ?

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Suggestion and Comments to PRC

I would recommend PRC to buy an electric fan or even let the air conditioning system function in the claiming area. ( It is really hot in the claiming area ) , It will also be better if the magnetic strip in PRC ID will serve it’s function, It would be better not to fill up the forms upon renewing but rather use the magnetic strip to swipe in machine where it could produce the data to be submitted to the renewing officer.

It would also be better if PRC could make an Online Renewing System which they are already doing in Marine courses.

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