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Indiana Jones 2 : Gold Hunt in the Mall

We were doing our vacation mall tour and window shopping today when my kids told me that they want to play games. I immediately agreed and they brought me at a certain Game Zone which is located in one of the famous mall here in Cavite. But what caught my attention is this game called " Indiana Jones 2 : Gold Hunt " , because most of the players are adults. I tried to understand what they are doing and after observation I found out that it is like a slot machine where you need to complete a pattern like Bingo and if you completed the pattern you will get a reward of more tokens.

So I came to conclusion that this adults are some sort like gambling inside the mall. It is just in a different form but with the same objective which is to win more token and maybe later change to those kids playing games.

I blog about this for us parents to be informed about what is happening in this game zone. I hope that those kind of game be abolished on those game area. It is obvious in the photo that the market for this machine is not for kids but for adults aiming to get a jackpot and bring home more token.

So what is the difference of this games to " Video Carrera " that police is removing from the street ?.


I am writing this as a concerned parent because I believe that Gambling should not exist in Mall or Kids Game Zone. This might not be about technology but I think it is important for us to know about this. Maybe I am wrong but somebody should explain me, It is just my observation.

{ All pictures taken by Nokia E71 }

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