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Back To Philippines For A Month Yearly Vacation

I just want to inform all of you that I am now in Philippines having my yearly vacation. To our regular readers they knew that I am not based in the Philippines but in Saudi Arabia. So to all advertisers who would like to send me their stuff for review, just send me a note through our contact page and I would love to share my review in this blog :).

So since I still consider this blog as my personal branded blog, You will see travel updates and reviews that might not be related to technology but somewhat related to Philippines during my vacation.

I will soon give our review and tips about Singapore Airlines as a way of thanking them for a great service that we experience and ofcourse for SEO and making money online purpose.

Great thing in blogging is that I could earn anywhere in the world. Make money on blogging is not restricted to places. As long as I am connected in the Internet, making money online is possible.

I will also be in Batangas next week to visit mt father who is having his Kidney Dialysis.

To those who are interested to write for us please let me know through my contact page we might be able to arrange on something.

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