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OFW Information: How to Claim Philhealth’s Maternity Benefit for OFW

During my last visit to Philippines, I am fortunate to visit Phil Healths office in Ortigas, POEA Center, and I was able to know the details on how I could claim my wife’s Philhealth’s benefits after giving birth on May 2013. I thought we cannot get anything if I am in Saudi Arabia, but I am wrong. So here are the required information that we need to submit with 180 days after giving birth.

1.)    Philhealth Claim Form 1

2.)    Updated Member Data Record (MDR) / Supporting Documents

3.)    Proof of Applicable Premium Payments (OEC)

4.)    Original Official Receipts / detailed stamen of account with English Translation

5.)    Medical Report indicating the final diagnosis, Confinement period and services rendered with English Translation.

So all the above information shall be submitted by your representative in PhilHealth office for processing.

I hope this short Blog post will be able to help my fellow OFW in claiming their PhilHealth Benefits even we are abroad.

In addition, OFW can get the MDR from POEA ortigas office, you may also ask for a print out of your PhilHealth ID in the POEA Center. You just have to show that you paid your PhilHealth as shown in your OEC. Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) must pay an amount of Php 1,200 before leaving Philippines for any work assignment outside the country. It’s mandatory.

For more information Visit their Website –

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