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Fast Payment at Saudi Telecom Company

This morning I got confirmation that my salary has been deposited to my Saudi Bank. After seeing my salary I immediately pay my Phone Debt at STC ( saudi telecom ) thru online transaction. What is really interesting about this, is when I paid an online payment for my phone bill at saudi telecom. Immediately after receiving my payment confirmation, My phone is again activated. ( That was really fast ) Here in Saudi Arabia if your phone line has been cut, your DSL lines still work. My line has been cut for already 2 weeks now.

I believe that they have a very good Internet infrastructure here in Saudi Arabia.

I would like to commend the payment system that they have here. I wonder if this is also same in Philippines. Since when I am paying my Citibank Credit Card thru my Local bank it takes a day or two before it appears at my statement.

If only Philippine can have the same function it will be good to all off us. No more waiting.

Could somebody tell me if this is also happening at Philippine Online Banking System. How many days will your phone be activated after Online Payment or even counter payment takes place?

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