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PayPal to Smart Money or G-Cash ?

With the recent development of PayPal Philippines, I wonder who will take and grab the opportunity among our Giant Telecom in the Philippines. Will it be Globe Telecom or Smart Telecom.

Globe Telecom has it’s what they called Globe G-Cash that can be reloaded and use like a debit card in the mall  and Smart Telecommunication has Smart Money with also the same function as mentioned above and  where our fellow Filipino could send money from abroad to Philippines

Well I think whoever comes first and implement it, the beneficiary will be us the Online Marketer or what they called it Netrepreneur and of course also the Filipino People who are just entering in world of Online Purchasing.

So to the Giant Telecom, I have given you an idea. So work act on it now, Make the interface in between PayPal and your product.

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