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Philiippines Here I Come

Today is my flight to Philippines, And I am excited to attend the iblog 5 on May 9, How I wish there are Food Tour during my vacation 🙂 , since last year I was blessed enough to attend the Trinoma Food Tour with my wife. I have lots of plan during this vacation so as usual this blog will become a semi travel blog during the span of my vacation . You can expect to see pictures regarding Philippines , etc. I will include my post in my Philippine and Photography Category.

I believe that my post where I ask for Philippine Free Wi-Fi Hotspots , Philippine Free Wi-Fi Access will help me a lot on being online most of the time. Although I am thinking of having a 3G connection for my Asus Eee PC Netbook.

I will be staying In Cavite and Batangas.

So watch out for this blog’s semi transition during my vacation. And this is the beauty of Passive income even you are in vacation your blog can still earn. I have reported it before that my blogs earn during my vacation and I know it will happen again this month. Will it be 4 figures? I don’t know.

I might be late on responding to comments so please bear with me.

BTW I will surely meet Fitz during my vacation since I need to have my Certificate for being the winner Blog Professional Category given by Digital Filipino.

This will surely be a great vacation.

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