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Schoolpad A Website for Philippine School

School Pad I would like to give you a tip about the works of Greg Moreno, 31 who just recently made the Schoolpad, a free web service that allows schools to create Website.

SchoolPad is a simple tool to build your school website. Many technical details have been taken care of already so you can focus on things that matter to parents.

SchoolPad is open to all pre-schools, elementary, and secondary schools. PTA’s and other school-related organizations are also welcome.

The Website is only simple that contain the following information of each school who participated

The idea is very good because this aims to connect different schools in Philippines and to increase awareness of the people on different available school with in their vicinity.

The site aims to :

It can also increase the awareness of the parents on what is going on at the school as long as those website will not be abuse.

BTW this is not a paid review

Thanks to

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