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Smart Launches Plug ‘N Talk

I just want to inform you the latest innovation made by Smart Communication and it is called Smart Plug ‘N Talk, Since I was busy I was not able to give you the fresh information about this new technology. Well this one is obviously targeting OFW like me, Since mobile users in Philippines will not need this one. I usually connect to my family via chat using Skype or Yahoo Messenger and sometimes via Mobile phone, which is really expensive here in Saudi Arabia.

I believe that Php 1,800 is a fair cost compared to the amount that we will be able to save if this gadget will work properly. The good thing with this new gadget is OFW can be able to call their love ones at anytime with a lower rate.

One of the great feature of this gadget is you can receive voice calls and Text Message for free. Although the message will  be their for about 9 hours and after that if your machine is off, you will not be able to retrieve it.

I just hope that it will be a great service. And I will surely get one for my use. You can see more details of their service in their FAQ site here.

Disclosure: This is not a paid post. Smart is an advertiser on this blog.

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