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What Is Happening to

I have seen some inconsistency happening at TOP for almost 4 days, They are not giving proper stats and yet there is no official statement that is being released by the site. I have seen this before which happen only for 1 day but now , it is already 4 days and I know it will still prolong. Is this because of server over load ? The same thing what happen to Abe Olandres before when he use to manage the site.

It would be great if we can hear something from the site. An explanation on what is happening.

Update : I received an email explaining the matters as follows :

Hello everyone,

Recently we had a few hiccups as a new version we rolled out messed around with the stats. I want to apologize for that issue and can guarantee it won’t happen again.

The update cleans up some of the internal processes, and some of the cheating that was occurring.

There are further updates coming soon, including the ability to report blogs, more expansive automated checking on our part, and so forth.

I hope everyone is finding useful. In a few days we will cross 100,000 hits out! 13 blogs have received over 1000 hits from the site, and I look forward to sending your blogs even more traffic.

If there are any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate in emailing me.


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