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I Just Graduated From UMIF 2011 Basic Photography Class

I would like to thank UMIF Riyadh Saudi Arabia for teaching us the Basic Photography, now I can say that I can use my camera in manual mode. Special mention to Professor Ronnie De Vera for giving us tips which is really easy to understand.  I learn a lot from the 4 day session that we’ve made. I learn the functions of Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed, the three main important factors to consider in photography. I also learn that every photos that a photographer uploads must always be the best, because it will reflect the type of photographer you are. Now I could start learning more about photography since I know the basic. Imagine I waited for 3.5 Year after buying my DSLR Canon EOS 400d to learn the basics.

I also learn how to take still life photos with DOF in manual mode.

I also learn how to use Lightroom, and do the post processing (pp). They only did the Adobe Lightroom introduction.

Here are two photos taken during out door shooting.

Model : Neribe Doloricon , Saudi Arabia Pop Icon Season 3

I hope to share more photos in the future. Hope you like the above photos of a newbie photographer.

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