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UMIF Riyadh Basic Photography Lesson Started Yesterday

After years of owning my Canon EOS 400D Camera I finally decided to attend a seminar being conducted here in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. I enrolled in Ultra Media International Foundation (UMIF) Riyadh Basic Photography 2011 with my son. Yesterday we were thought by Ronnie De Vera,UMIF Instructor, about the Shutter Speed, ISO and Apperture . It is only yesterday that I have understood the meaning of this three most important jargons of SLR camera. I usually use the P-Setting. I and my son will try to understand on how to use my Canon camera in proper way using manual mode.

Picture captured from

I love the tips that is being given by the instructor. The photography seminar cost us SAR 300 which includes membership fee and snacks. It is great that my son attendance is free. We are having our seminar in Elite International School in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

The whole seminar will have 4 indoor session plus 1 outdoor session with model. I hope I could learn a lot from this seminar and perhaps I could make a new blog that will only have great pictures. I am also interested to learn the Post Processing Methods of the Pictures. I normally don’t do post processing, but because of this seminar I think I have to follow the instructor and learn about Post Processing of my shots.

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