Tech At Hand Dot Net – A Day Through Your Lens Contest - A Day Through Your Lens ContestIf you like making short video and you can tell story using video in just 140 seconds or less, well this contest is for you. I think $100,000 prize is a very good amount to let you make a video and try your luck.

According to the site you are not required to use a specific camera and your video video will be judged on image quality, originality and the ability to capture a day through your lens in 140 seconds. So get as creative as you want to be when capturing your day.

I know that Filipinos are creative and there is a greater chance for Filipinos to win.


Below are the instruction I got from , Please do not use music, brand images or talent that you do not have permission to use in your video. If you’re going to put music on your video it’s best to use music that is in the public domain or music that you have created.


  1. You’ve got until December 15th to submit your videos. So get rolling.
  2. Once the video submission period’s over, we’ll choose up to 50 finalists who will be eligible for the Audience and Judges awards.
  3. Decisions on finalist videos will be made and announced on the site by December 22nd. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you in case you forget.
  4. If you’re one of our lucky finalists, tell your friends and family to come back, view your video and rate it for your chance to win one of the huge prizes!



  1. Judges award is $100,000
  2. Audience Award is 25,000

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