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Assessment to Asia Century Multi Advertising

Hello with due respect to the owner of Asia Century Multi Advertising let me explain why I said the Title of this post. By the way this is just my review and nobody asked me to do this just want to explain.

I have been implementing the Asia Century Multi Advertising Affiliate program and I would like to have an in depth analysis on my earnings for this local ads that I have start implemented in this blog since July 10,2008.

I will have an assumption that if I use AdSense I will have an approximate CPC [ Cost per Click ] of $ 0.04 which in reality ranges from 0.02 to 0.06 or even better. But for the sake of calculation I will use $0.04

Facts about my account with with Asia Century Multi Advertising

Implementation Period = July 10 – August 5

Page Impression – 55,000

CTR 1.22 %

55,000 x 1.22% = 679 Clicks

By Calculation I would like to use my assumption above using the data I gathered from my Advertising period as follows

679 Clicks X $ 0.04 = $ 26.84 x Php 44 / US$ = PHP 1,180.00

Comparing to the above mentioned Assumption I have a total Php 92.5 amount in my Account with them with 137 approved , 10 Leads which is approximately 7.8% of the assumed calculated cost above.And if I used the approved one I will have as follows

137 Clicks X $ 0.04 = $ 5.48 x Php 44 / US$ = PHP 241.12

Where the Approved Amount is almost 38.34 % of the assumed AdSense Clicks. 

Suggestion :

  1. It would be great if they could make a contact page where we as publisher could ask question about our earnings. ( Have you found their Contact Page ? )
  2. They need to explain why the Clicks are not matching with the Approved Paid Clicks
  3. It would be great if they can make their CPC cost higher. At the moment they only have about PHP 0.5 to PHP 0.6 ( $ 0.011 – $ 0.014 ) compared to Google AdSense which can give an average of $ 0.05 according to some experts 🙂
  4. They have to make other option in Payment aside from Check, Perhaps they can make Globe G Cash or Smart Money or via PayPal.

Conclusion :

I can only conclude for this site and not for all blogs. For this site I believed I have to remove those ads and consider looking for some other opportunity with Direct Ads or Affiliate Marketing thru Market Leverage, Pepperjam or CJ where I might have a better earning opportunity. Asia Century Multi Advertising might be better for other site but not on this site. Their Ads might not be contextually relevant with my niche that is why I am having lots of Click not Approved.

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