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ClickBooth : A New CPA Advertising Network

There is a new CPA Network in the rise, It is called Clickbooth Advertising Network. Well what is so different from this CPA Network is the way they treat publishers. I must say that they are serious in accepting and screening new publisher. They have phone verification system prior to account approval that you have to enter in the space that they have provided.

Then After that you have to wait for 3 days for them to approve or disapprove your request. This is how they become unique from others.

They make payment via Cheque as of now, but I do believe that later they will also apply of having payment via Paypal which is the common thread to all other Advertising Network.

The Site has a $50 threshold for the month before you could get your money. Well it is better than Adsense since AdSense has $100.

I believe that this kind of Advertising Network will only be profitable to those who have targeted niche, I don’t think those blogs that has general information will benefit from this. You have to remember also that since this is a CPA Advertising Network, one should have to buy or do any transaction before you get your commission. At the End it is still you us publisher who has the full control of our blog wether to go for it or not.

So would you try this ?

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