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How to Achieve A Passive Income from Previous Blog Post

How to Achieve A Passive Income from Previous Blog Post

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As I am checking tech at hand, I have seen blog posts that were not properly written and full of grammatical errors, most of those blog posts were written during my first and second year of blogging. There are also some blog post that I can’t even understand, because those blog post are meant for search robots and not for human reading.

So I got this idea of going back to my earlier post and research for keywords that could bring more visitors to this blog. I believe that more visitors will only mean more passive income. By revising lots of my earlier post which were done in a speedy way, I could reduce my grammatical error , as well as I can decrease the bounce rate of this blog. I also have to increase the word counts so that I could also increase the possibility of targeting more keywords in a post.

So here are my top 10 plans to make my goal in earning passive income from earlier blog post :

  1. Revise blog post and reduce the grammatical errors within the post.
  2. Revise blog post and reduce the capitalization errors within the post.
  3. Increase the content of a blog post and highlights the keywords to be targeted.
  4. Increase internal linking to fresh and related blog post that was written after that particular post.
  5. Increase the tags of the post and make it at least 10 each post.
  6. Rephrase the title to become more reader friendly and search robot friendly.
  7. Make sure that the post could be understood by the readers.
  8. Proof read .. proof read.. proof read.
  9. Add pictures in blog post to increase readability of my post.
  10. Treat my blog post as an investment and remember that I am establishing my online brand as a resource person in blogging.

So how will this be a passive income? An increase of visitors from targeted keywords, keywords that could bring traffic whole year round, could potentially bring a customer or a regular visitors. This visitors could be a future customer or even a regular visitors of this blog.

A proper keyword could also attract tons of searches from the search engine, then I could add affiliate links or CPA (Cost Per Action)  networks banners to those post.

I do hope that above mentioned plan could succeed, I believe that experiments could lead to a higher income streams in making more money online. Any more suggestion ?

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