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Free Case Study E-book : Make Money Online Via Current Events

I have been making draft post regarding the details of my recent experiment conducted that deals with the optimization of keywords related to current events as I promised in my previous post . Suddenly I just found out that I have made a very long post. ( 8 Pages ) and so I decided to make a Free E-book regarding those findings.

I am giving this E-book only to those subscribed to this blog either thru RSS or via Email. The password for this E-book is provided in the RSS Feed Links.

You can expect to have an answer for the following question in this case study.

1. What was the Preparation Made?

2. When Did I start Optimization? ( The Time Line )

3. What Are The Techniques Use In Optimization?

4. Where do most click came from?

5. What about the Traffic?

6. What did I miss?

7. Other Tips


If you have any comments regarding the free e-book let me know thru commenting at this post. This free e-book is the result of my Experiment. But I am open to discussion and sharing of new ideas. I believe this also one way to increase my feed subscriber.

Again You should subscribed to my FREE RSS Feeds or Subscribe to me via email to get the password or you may send me $5 donation thru PayPal :).

Download Link : [ Case Study # 1 : Make Money Online Thru Current Events ]

Update # 1 : To those who have already downloaded the e-book earlier please change word nofollow to do-follow ( Sorry for the typo error ) thanks to Eli for pointing this one

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