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My Make Money Online Tips

Make Money online Tips This is my follow up tips for those who want to start monetizing their site, and I would like to thank snoob for reminding me to put some tips regarding this matter [ Make Money Online Philippines ] . So what do you have in mind when you read in the net that somebody is earning lots from blogging ? I think this gives you an urge to continue writing and optimizing your site, but what happen when you end on earning only cents and not like 1, 2 to or even 3 digit dollars a day. [ Disclaimer : I haven’t reach the 2 digit a day on AdSense, but soon I will have it 🙂 ],  so here are my Make money Online Philippines tips in monetizing your blog.

So here are my tips for you.

  1. Don’t put all eggs in one basket – This is a common tips from all online marketers. What I mean to say is don’t put all your effort in Google AdSense, There are still other source of income in web. [ This call for another post wait for it – You can see my Personal Blog for some other Make Money Online Tips – ]
  2. If you go on Pay Per Post or Sponsored Post, don’t grab all the request, that comes from the dashboard just pick all those paid post that is related to your niche. FYI This site is also doing paid review via site that offer review with price, in fact they give more money than AdSense. Just beware of Google Penalty.
  3. If you choose Google AdSense as one of your income source, Be sure to read their TOS and other guidelines about it. It will surely help you understand the do’s and don’t to avoid being banned later on. Some more tips here , here, here and here . [ Ooops lots of link 🙂 ]
  4. Don’t treat other blogger in your niche as competitors, treat them as friends. Even sometime they don’t seem to say hello to you, just continue of being their friend, try commenting and even linking to their site and time will come they will link to you and here you go you have one source of referral for your online goal.
  5. Create an e-mail that will cater all your monetization gigs / communication, With this you will be able to track all opportunity that will come on your way.
  6. Try to do SEO but please do not make any crap post for your SEO purpose. Make sure that when somebody lands on your site, They will be happy and not frustrated by seeing lots of Ads, and not the information that they need.
  7. Subscribe to those site that you know will give you good information about your niche. This is the best thing to do specially whenever you want to be on top of the news around the net.
  8. Engage in Direct Advertising. I am presently doing direct advertising, FYI my homepage have 4 advertisers with Text Links. I get them from Digital Point. But please control your Direct Advertisers, You should be able to anticipate the number of links that you will sold in your page. Be sure to make list of all the information of the transaction. { You may Contact me for any Advertising question thru my Contact Page }
  9. Enroll in PayPal. This will be your money gateway, because most of the transaction is being made thru PayPal Philippines.
  10. Don’t forget to join contest 🙂 and experiment, Who knows you can get those moolah that are just floating in the net.

Wait for the next batch I still have some points in my mind. Subscribed to my Feeds or subscribe thru e-mail so not to left behind with those tips.

Picture means, This might be old tips but those old tips are the most valuable one.

Disclosure : Some links are affiliate links, Happy Blogging

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