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SEO Thursday : Paypal Keywords

Did you know that you could get traffic while optimizing for wrong spelling keywords ? It might not be as high as the other keywords that you are optimizing but I believe it can also get attention when it goes to Google’s  First Page SERP. Today I would like to share bout Paypal Wrong Spelling Keywords. Here is screen shot of Paypal Google Trends. The trends is compared to Pinay Scandal Keywords which I have already tested and discussed long before.

Paypal’s search terms has also a potential of getting enough amount of visitor to get you noticed. In addition Paypal offers a Merchant Referral Bonus Program, Where you can earn of 0.05%  of their transaction after reaching the quota set by Paypal. So here are the Wrong spelling keywords about Paypal.

  1. paypals
  2. paypall
  3. paypay
  4. peypal
  5. nopaypal
  6. paypale
  7. paupal
  8. paypel
  9. paipal
  10. patpal
  11. pypal
  12. payapal
  13. paypol
  14. palpal
  15. paybal

You can actually make post by mentioning those wrong spelling keywords and if it is done properly google might like your post and put it in Google first page. I am not saying that whenever you make a post it will immediately go to first page. you have work for it. So I just hope this keywords will help you gain more visit and referral from Paypall oops it’s paypal.

You can also add country name in each keywords if you want to optimized in a certain like Paypal Philippines

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