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Testing nuffnang A New Advertising Network

Ok I am now testing Nuffnang in this blog. Nuffnang has just been implemented in Philippines.

Below are some information taken from their site on How much will a blogger earn for a specific ads.

Well you will earn depends on the number of Average Unique visitors you received in the week that the ad campaign is built. You will then be arranged into specific “Blogger bands” that directly correspond to your number of Average Unique visitors. For each campaign, you will be paid a fixed amount for every ad unit. The amount depends on what your Blogger band is. The higher your Blogger band (i.e. more unique visitors), the higher your earnings.  All information on your blogger band and your earnings can be viewed within your CMS Earnings Page. All information will be updated within 3 working days after the ad campaign is completed.

Payments are sent 30 days after you’ve reached the minimum amount of Php 1,500. Initial payment methods of Nuffnang are the following: Bank Transfer and Peso Check

We still don’t know if this new adverting scheme will be applicable in this blog, But at least I tried it 🙂 , I may not be successful with other Advertising Network but at least I tried.

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