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Group Writing Project List [ Pure Blogging ]

Pure Blogging has released the list of participants for his group writing projects. And I would to share this list to my readers if just in case you want to vote my entry 🙂

Above you will find the final list of entries. If you like my post which is highlighted in red just make a short post about it and send link to your list of favorites. Voting is open to everyone, even if you didn’t participate in the project. Or you can proceed on the main post and just comment there. In that way you can help me 🙂

BTW the best post for me are as follows :

How to Blog ? My Top 10 Blogging Tips by Dexter Panganiban ( Thanks Jacob )

How To Run An Awesome Group Writing Project by Jacob Share

Twitter: Why It’s So Great And How To Effectively Use It by Tibi Puiu

How to Target Social Media with Specific Posts by Steven Snell

So what about you any vote ?

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