Tech At Hand Dot Net is Now Officially my Domain

It was a year ago that open its door to Filipino Blogger’s offering free Blog Hosting as an alternative to and which is run by WordPress. I actually open an account and tried to blog on there. I can say that I am also using that site to put some link juice to my main blog before.

It is on my dismayed to found out that it’s domain is expired. as shown below

Upon checking the site it shows that the domain has expired. Is this another failed Business Venture? Is this included in those Business venture that did not succeed? Upon digging onto it I saw that the site has been expired for almost 2 months( Expired Date : 2007 Nov 20 ).

If you remember before I told that I have succeed in having transaction with I still don’t have final idea on where to use this domain. I might use this as Photo Blog or I will have to transfer my Personal Blog in here. But I prefer to maintain only one blog. Since dot ph can forward the domain, I have asked them to forward it here.

The reason I took the domain is upon checking the site index it tells that there are lots of Filipino blog linked to this blog. So I automatically have a domain name with juice.. Whhooaaa type [ ] at Google and you will see what I mean.

They may not succeed, But I believed I can get my investment with in a year of using this domain.

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