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How to Apply and Get an SSS ID?

Who may avail an SSS ID ?

An active SSS member with at least one monthly contribution and SSS pensioners may apply for the new SS ID by filling out and submitting an SSS Form E-6 to the nearest SSS branch that has facilities for SS ID capture.

SSS Form E-6 must be submitted together with any of the following primary documents:

* Passport
* Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) card
* Seaman’s book

In the absence of any of these documents, the applicant may present any two of the following documents, provided at least one document contains the applicant’s photograph:

* Driver’s license
* Valid National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance
* School or company ID
* Postal ID
* Senior citizen card
* Major credit card
* Voter’s ID
* Savings account passbook
* Alien certificate of registration
* Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) member’s record
* Certification from the Office of Southern/Northern Cultural Communities or Office of Muslim Affairs
* Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) card

When you submit your application, the SSS will immediately obtain your personal data (i.e. your fingerprints, facial image, signature, and personal identification number will be electronically recorded) for transfer to your new ID card. The ID card will be mailed to the address you specified on your Form E-6. If you do not receive your ID within 30 days from the date on which you applied, you may inquire from any SSS branch in your area.

The new SSS ID card is issued free for first-time applicants. However, a replacement fee will be charged under the following circumstances:

* when the ID card is lost
* when the ID card is damaged
* when the applicant avails of the option to omit the printing of the date of birth on the card

You may download a copy of SSS Form E-6 from

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