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How to Import Blog Roll Links ?

How to Import Blog Roll Links ?

I have been thinking on ways how to import the blog roll links from my other site. So here is my instruction as a result of my experimentation.

Note : This instruction is applicable to WordPress Blogs , well I don’t know if it also works with Blogger Blogs

1) Make New Category if you want your new links to be in one link category.
2) Open your blogs Dashboad and got to Import page in the left side.
3) Then Press Import Blog Roll Links
4) Then you can see a question on which blogroll links do you want to import ? so you have to put this links and you find the syntax below :

5) Then import all your links to your desired link category.

Then just import it and all will be fine.

You may also save opml file to your hard disk and later upload it through the same method as mention above. I hope this simple tactics will ease your life in transferring links from one blog to other.

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