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How To Make Sub Domain in Dreamhost

A sub-domain is an extension of the main domain. Here is a brief instruction on how to make a sub domain if you are using dreamhost as your hosting company

This is just a simple instruction on How to To Make Sub Domain in Dreamhost

  1. In the Web Admin Panel go to Domains -> Manage Domains
  2. Click on Add New Domain / Sub-Domain
  3. Enter your full sub-domain name where it says Domain to host: (ie:
  4. If another user is to own this domain, select that user using the FTP user / CGI-runs-as user: dropdown.
  5. Click Fully host this domain now!

After following these steps, a new sub-directory should appear in your home directory with the same name as your sub-domain, this is where you put the site files for the sub-domain.

And then after doing this you can start installing WordPress version via One click Install.

It’s easy and fun, you can later install plug ins in a really easy way .

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