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I am back

I have been very busy this past few days that is the reason why I have not updated my blog. But I believe I am online again except that my Microsoft Outlook is not working properly. We have change office and the setting in my computer has been changed also. I am still figuring on how to transfer the data and firefox plugin into new user name. Maybe somebody can help me?

On the other hand I am now at the third face of the iblogcup. You may vote for this blog here.

Although I may say that the other blog is also good looking and looks yummy. Well it is still up to you if you will vote this blog.. 🙂

I believed that my SEO Project with Marghil is now starting to go back again in the higher position in and although I am not seen in  Well that it for now. If you think you have good post you want me to link and it relates to this blog you may send email to dexfamily [at] gmail [dot] com.

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