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It’s Y!ou a $100 Million Yahoo Rebranding ad Campaign “Navigate Life “

Yahoo is now rebranding in order for them to have a better place in search engine business. They have started today their $100 million +++ campaign for  “It’s Y!ou.” . It was launched by Yahoo CMO Elisa Steele by introducing the new Yahoo Search in her keynote. However focus of keynote was spent on the budget of the ads for yahoo’s rebranding which is about $100 Million. One of the major themes of the talk and new campaign is that Yahoo will help you “navigate life.”

Below is one of their campaign pictures that was launched by yahoo which shows different aspects of life.

Below is a sample search of my name in yahoo. I love the new feature of having a related concepts in the search. I have not yet seen full changes of yahoo search. I will definitely watch out for their improvement in the following days. Some says that it is better to spend $100 million by recruiting better engineers rather than in advertising but I think it is only right to spend in advertising like what Apple did.

I hope to have a better Yahoo search engine and hope to have a good amount of incoming visitors from Yahoo. 🙂 . So any comments about yahoo’s new ad campaign ? would you think it will get part of Google’s share in search engine market ?

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