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Mighty Mouse Who Really Owns It ?

Mighty Mouse

I remember the days when I use to watch cartoon movies, and one cartoon movies that I remember is the Mighty Mouse, a 2D cartoon series of a superhero that look like a mouse.

The cartoon series was own by CBS, They own the copyright of using Mighty Mouse in the Cartoon Series.

Later on when MAC decided to make a branded mouse they bought the name Mighty Mouse from CBS and use it as their brand name.

But I have read a report that MAC and CBS are being sued for trademark infringement by a competing interface manufacturer. Man and Machine is claiming that they have the full rights to use the name since they have been selling its Mighty Mouse product waterproof and chemical resistant mice under the same name to labs and hospitals Earlier than MAC.

Man and Machines now argues that CBS didn’t have the right to offer Apple the license to the name, as the CBS trademark on the name doesn’t cover goods in that category. Man and Machines argues it holds the trademark for use of the Mighty Mouse name in conjunction with an interface controller. Alongside the legal case it is also challenging the CBS trademark with a filing at the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Now whom do you think the real owner ?, So it is really important to have your brand name protected. Hmm.. I am now thinking of having my website name patented under me 🙂

Picture & News came via [ 9to5mac ]

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