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Net10 Brings Back Unlimited Prepaid Calling Plan

Lazada Philippines
Jan 16, 2010 by     2 Comments    Posted under: Random Post

If you want to have an unlimited call , you better proceed to  Net10 Unlimited, has put back the its unlimited calling prepaid plan.

But now Net10 has released a new and improved unlimited calling plan.  Learn more at the Net10 Unlimited ( http://www.net10unlimited.com/en/ ) homepage.  you can see that the site is giving an unlimted call for $50. I think Net10 Brings Back Unlimited Prepaid Calling Plan is a good bargain, but does anyone tried their service.

As a NET10 Unlimited member, you have the option of selecting a 50 or 100 UNLIMITED Minute Bundles.

These Minute Bundles can be used for additional Services such as International Calling and Purchase of Data content.

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  • I actually do use the NET10 service and recently started using the Unlimited service. It is not just voice but unlimited texts and mobile web too! Great service at a very good price!


    Dexter Panganiban Reply:

    @Carol S, Thanks for the feedback about NET10


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