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Paypal Philippines Can Now Transact with Philippine Peso

I just saw from my Google Feeds that Paypal is now transacting with Philippine Peso. ( PHP ).

So what is the advantage for us Filipinos ?

The advantage is you will have a fixed amount that will be deducted in your account, Giving the seller an exact amount as per their request. Not unlike if you pay in dollar and suddenly the exchange rate changes you will automatically be a looser or a gainer.

I would prefer sending payment in Php and US Dollar for US Based Transaction.

You can also pay an exact figure in Philippine Peso if the seller demands in Philippine Peso Payment.

Here is Paypal’s Press Release :

“PayPal’s goal is to provide our members with a secure, fast and convenient way to pay and get paid online,” said Mario Shiliashki, General Manager of PayPal Southeast Asia and India. “The introduction of the Philippine Peso will make domestic ecommerce easier and more convenient for buyers and sellers in the Philippines and is well timed for the holiday season!”

So Have you tried paying in Philippine Peso ? Do you think you gain or you loose ? BTW if you don’t have Paypal Philippines Account you can enroll here [ Paypal Enroll ] . I just hope that soon PayPall will also be used fully here in Saudi Arabia.

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