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Stop MFA and Increase your Adsense Earnings

Abe Olandares of made a very good post regarding his proposal on how to get $100-a-day Adsense Challenge for . Although He did not mentioned about MFA. I think this could be an additional information for Rickey.

What is MFA? According to John Chow

MFA stands for Made For AdSense. These sites have almost no content. The only reason they exist is to make money from Google AdSense. The above is a screen shot from the “Computers” section of 10-bestsites [dot] com (I refuse to give them a backlink). The only content on the page is a header and the word Computers. Everything else is advertising.

MFA site affect your Adsense income since they are giving a very low CPC rate. According to post John Chow

The only way to keep these MFA sites from advertising on your site or blog is to use the Competitive Ad Filter to block them out. By blocking these low CPC MFA sites, Google should serve higher paying ads to your site. The only problem with this is, The maximum MFA that your filter could get is only 200 Sites. And yet there are More than a Thousand MFA out There.

You could see a list of MFA site at John Chow Site

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