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An Experience with DIGG

I just want to inform you that I hate DIGG. Why?  It is because none of my post ever goes to DIGG front Page. Upon analyzing how does it happen to me, It gives me an idea to join Social Media Mega Project  sponsored by

And here is my experience with Digg .

  1. I don’t have any other contact that uses Digg. Maybe I have, but I did not care about it.
  2. I don’t know the proper category of my post where I can include the post that I am digging.
  3. I believe that there are lots of Digg submission in a day that made my site un noticed and usually got buried.
  4. I believed that Digg is only for power users.
  5. I believed that Digg is just a 1 day traffic and It is usually not worth to be dugg since it is not converting to money.
  6. I am not studying the style of some successful Digg user.
  7. I am not searching for information and tips for Digg

I don’t know if that experience will qualify me for an entry but at least I have told you what I felt about Digg. Some says that Digg is dying so why will I push myself to social website that is dying. I will just learn more SEO technique and I can have more targeted visitors.

So If you don’t want to be in Digg Front Page just follow my footstep and for sure you will not go that far.

If you have some information or disagreement just free to shout it out. 🙂 or if you feel this needs to be Digg just press below and that might change my belief over DIGG.

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