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LG Optimus 3D Max Smartphone Experience [Hands On Video]

We had a chance to try the new LG Optimus 3D Max Mobile Phone. See below the video while the guy from Jarir Bookstore (Tech Store in Saudi Arabia)is explaining the advantage of the phone.

I had a great first impression of this phone, It is my first time to see a 3D enabled smart phone. The 3D Movie can be viewed even without a 3D shades. The phone is handy and response quickly with the command being executed. I have tried a phone with ICS. I have even tried to take a 2D video and convert the video into 3D. It cost SAR 2,099  (Approximately Php 24,000). There is an added feature for this phone primarily to save battery. When the phone is place down in the table or any flat surface, it will automatically be on a standby mode. So it will stop any applications  being executed upon being un attended in any flat surface. All icons can be replaced with the desired pictures.

What I donâ€t like is itâ€s 8GB memory, although it is expandable up to 32, I still preferred a built-in 64 GB storage.

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So for further information about the Key features, check out below.

Key Features

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