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Review ASUS Eee PC 904HA

I know it has been along time since I told you that I am unboxing my Asus Eee PC, but due to unavoidable circumstances in Real Life it took me some time to finish the review.

Before doing review for this unit, I would like to let you know the specs : Processor of Atom N270 with 1.60 Ghz, Genuine Windows XP Home Edition, 160 Gb Hard Disk, 8.9” Crystal brite Display, Built In Webcam and Wifi

So here is my take for this netbook.


First of all , I f you are looking for a mobility , netbook is definitely for you. Of course you will not opt to bring 17” laptop wherever you go because it will surely bother you. Netbook is design for mobility that is why I can that when it comes to mobility The Asus Eee PC is great because of it’s size and weight.

User Interface

The user interface is ok since it is pre installed with Microsoft XP bundles with Microsoft Open Office. I usually do minor calculation while out of home and office so this machine is perfect for me. It is also pre installed with Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer so it is also perfect for One on One Presentation with any of your client.

Te interface is just like a normal PC although the size is small.


It is a netbook so what will you expect, Of course it has a small keyboard but a bigger keyboard compared to other netbook available in the market. Sometimes I am connecting an external keyboard if my kids are using my other laptop at house.

Wi-fi Connection

The unit is design for mobility and Internet connection anywhere and I believe it serves it’s purpose, I am using Wifi connection at house and even on the farthest part of my house where other laptops does not have signal, it can still give me a bar or signal strength. So the Wi-Fi Connection is great. { See the Philippine Free Wi-Fi Hotspot }

Sound System

I believe this is one of the weak point of this machine. The sound is not that great when you use to vie You Tube or any other Video in the net. You have to use your headset in order to understand what you are watching. And don’t expect to have a very good voice quality. So if you are thinking of using this as your mobile Video I don’t think this is for you.


8.9” is ok for me although there are some website that I am having hard time to view since I have to scroll it down often so that I can read what ever is the site content.

Power Consumption

Since it is small the power consumption is also small. After full charging, the battery can last for about 2 to 3 hours of continues Internet Browsing.

E-Book reader

Yes it can be your e-book reader since it works well with PDF documents. If I have to choose of buying Kindle VS Netbook, I would choose this one.

PDA Vs Netbook

The cost of PDA is almost the same as the cost of Netbook , If you will have to ask me on which will I choose a PDA or a netbook, I will tell you to buy a Netbook and buy a cheap mobile phone. I use PDA before and it is not usually serving it’s purpose when it comes to internet browsing, Which is my main purpose before when I bought my I-mate PDAL.


I would recommend to partner this unit with a mobile hard disk since this unit is not design to load up lots of Videos and songs Even the storage capacity is 160 GB, I would suggest not to use up the hard Disk.


Webcam is ok but not that clear compared to our Vaio. But the unit is also great for chatting.

Other Comments :

1) The unit Boots up easily so it is not having some problem to enter Windows system. Having a 1 GB RAM is great for this unit.

2) This unit should be partnered with a Mobile hard disk for you to be satisfied of it’s use.

3) Check your fingers first before buying this Netbook , if it’s big, it is a big “NO” for You.

4) I also like it’s charger since it is small and I can easily put it in a small bag.

My Over all Experience with Asus Eee PC is great and I recommend you to buy this product if you are thinking of having a mobile blogging lifestyle.

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