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Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Hands On at Jarir Bookstore (Review and Video)

Here in Saudi Arabia, we can test different gadget inside the store, particularly in Jarir Bookstore,it can give great sign to the buyers before buying a certain gadget. We don’t have to wait for a special product launch to get hold of those piece of gadget.

So let me show the video I took while playing the Galaxy Tab 10.1. I used the tethering ability of my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.1 to be connected to the internet and everything seems to be fine.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Specification

Over All Short Experience

My short experience with Galaxy Tab 10.1 is really great, The performance is way far from my Galaxy 7.1. This is because Galaxy 10.1 uses dual core processor. I have even tried making a home-made video without any problem.

The keyboard fits my big fingers.

The browsing experience is also fast, even when I am using the Galaxy Tab 7.1 to connect to GPRS connection via local carrier, STC, Saudi Telecom. The User interface is easy to navigate.

I have not tried the Audio since it is too crowded on time of testing.

The weight is also great, it is almost the same weight with my wife iPad 2.

I can easily browse my website as shown in the video.

So that’s it for now. I will just update this post on my next visit to Jarir.

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