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iPhone 4s in Saudi Arabia, Availability and Release Dates?

AppleWith all the hype about iPhone 5, it turns out Apple introduced only iPhone 4s, Apple fanatics all over the world wants to get hold of the new iPhone 4s with it’s promised new specifications and better performance. Imagine having 7 time faster than iPhone 4. This is something great to see. I don’t know when it will arrive in Saudi Arabia but for sure knowing the price history of iPhone 4 in the Kingdom, iPhone 4s will be over priced. We may see an iPhone worth SAR 5,000 or more on it’s first début in the Kingdom.

But just wait for about 3 to 4 months price will definitely subside.

This over pricing thing in Saudi Arabia could be stop if Apple would only start selling Apple product via online, The UAE Apple online store is good start in the Middle East. Expat’s and Saudi’s believe that soon an KSA Apple Online store will also be available in Saudi Arabia. There are also some rumors that it will be seen this December.

I hope soon iPhone 4s will be available in the KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). We will surely update you about it’s availability.

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